4th Infantry, 4th Infantry Regiment, Warrior Battalion 1/4, INF 2/4 INF, 3/4 INF,

World War I

1st Battalion 4th Infantry Regiment


*Aisne, *Champagne-Marne, *Aisne-Marne, *St. Mihiel, *Meuse-Argonne, *Champagne 1918

2nd Battalion 4th Infantry Regiment


*Aisne, *Champagne-Marne, *Aisne-Marne, *St. Mihiel, *Meuse-Argonne, *Champagne 1918

3rd Battalion 4th Infantry Regiment 


*Aisne, *Champagne-Marne, *Aisne-Marne, *St. Mihiel, *Meuse-Argonne, *Champagne 1918

In 1917, the United States entered World War I. On 1 October 1917, the Fourth was assigned to 3d Division. Stationed at Fort Brown, Texas, the regiment recruited and trained up to strength and on the first anniversary of the American entry into the war, left for France. The Fourth Infantry disembarked at Brest, France in 1918 and participated in the defensive actions of Aisne, Chateau-Thierry, Second Battle of the Marne, and in the Third Battle of the Aisne, St. Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne offensives. The entire regiment was decorated with the French Croix de Guerre, having lost eighty percent of its men, under constant and grueling fire during thirty days on the line; the regiment was relieved by the 60th Infantry.

On 7 October 1918 near Cunel, France, PFC John L. Barkley, Co. K, 4th Infantry was stationed in an observation post half a kilometer from the German line, on his own initiative repaired a captured enemy machinegun and mounted it in a disabled French tank near his post. Shortly afterward, when the enemy launched a counterattack against American forces, PFC Barkley got into the tank, waited under the hostile barrage until the enemy line was abreast of him and then opened fire, completely breaking up the counterattack and killing and wounding a large number of the enemy. Five minutes later an enemy 77-millimeter gun opened fire on the tank pointblank. One shell struck the drive wheel of the tank, but this soldier nevertheless remained in the tank and after the barrage ceased broke up a second enemy counterattack, thereby enabling American forces to gain and hold Hill 25. PFC Barkley received the Medal of Honor for his actions.

After a rest which the organization received six hundred replacements, it was marched to a position in the Forest de Passe, and on 9 November 1918, received orders to be ready on a moments notice. The men knew they were to take part in the final drive to encircle Metz in the event the Germans did not accept terms of the proposed armistice. Preparations were being made for the departure on the morning of 11 November, when the end of the war was heralded by the French villagers. The Fourth Infantry served as part of the Army of Occupation in France, until 1919.

After returning to the United States, the Fourth Infantry was stationed at Camp Pike, Arkansas, and then moved to Camp Lewis, Washington, the site of which was part of the tribal grounds of Chief Leschi, the regiment’s enemy in 1855–56. In June 1922, the regimental headquarters, headquarters and service companies and second battalion of the regiment were sent to Fort George Wright, Washington, while the other two battalions occupied Fort Missoula, Montana and Fort Lawton, Washington. On 19 February 1925 the unit was permitted to wear the red-green-red distinctive unit insignia.

World War One 1917-1918


The 4th US Infantry 1917-1919

When war was declared against Germany in April 1917 the 4th Infantry was garrisoned at Brownsville, Texas guarding the area from further incursion by Mexican bandits under the notorious Poncho Villa.
At that time the regiment was still comprised only of volunteers and career soldiers and was not at full wartime strength. With the declaration of war the regiment was ordered to move from Texas to New York and join the newly formed 3rd Division. While in transit the regiment would be brought to strength by adding new recruits and draftees as it traveled by rail to New York. Most of the new men were drawn from the mid-west, Pennsylvania and New York, primarily New York City.
Later the 3rd division together with the 4th infantry was concentrated at New Port News, Virginia in preparation for transport to France. The 4th Infantry was shipped to France in two separate ships. Headquarters, 2nd and 3rd Battalions on the SS "Great Northern" and Headquarters and 1st on the USS "Madawaska."
The regiment disembarked at Brest, France and was immediately sent to various French training centers to receive combat training from veteran French instructors.
German offensive operations cut short this training and the entire 3rd division was transported by rail to the front.
The 4th Infantry then bloodied itself in the following battles:
St. Mihiel
Champagne 1918
Ainse/ Marne Defensive
Marne Offensive.
When the war ended the 4th Infantry had lost 398 Officers and men.
For its services the 4th Infantry was awarded the French Croix de Guerre with Gilt Star, and a World War I, Streamer embroidered CHAMPAGNE-MARNE AISNE-MARNE.
Lastly, Private John L. Barkley was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his valor during the Argonne fighting in October 1918.
With the Armistice in November 1918 the regiment occupied the German towns of Plaidt and Saffig near the city of Coblenz until January 1919 after which the regiment was shipped home

Captain Rice, Medical Detachment, Fourth Inf., treating a wounded infantryman in Mont St. Pere, July 1918

Doyle and Ashburn, Company I, 4th Infantry, KIA July 1918

A unknown machinegunner with the 4th Infantry Regiment.



Honor Roll

4th US Infantry, 3rd Division, AEF

Name/ Rank/ Company/ Date of Death

Clifton Ogier Pvt. H. 6/8/1918.
Henry Watkins Pfc H. 6/6/1918.
Lenoer Smith Cpl. H. 6/6/1918.
Richard Werner Pvt. H. 6/6/1918.
Norman McCreary 2nd Lt. H. 6/15/1918.
Harry Jones Pfc D. 6/14/1918.
Edward Szyperski Pvt. D. 6/14/1918.
Clarence Harris Pfc A. 6/15/1918.
Peter Stanford Pvt. A. 6/15/1918.
William Corner Cpl. A. 6/16/1918.
Jos. Gugluzo Pvt. D. 6/16/1918.
Joseph Palmer Pvt. E 6/16/1918.
Jos. Socia Pvt. I. 6/16/1918.
Waldo H. Crussser Pvt. MG.Co 6/17/1918.
Richard Haugh Cpl. C. 6/17/1918.
Frederick Gressman Pvt. HQ. 6/16/1918.
Morris Krupol Pvt. M. 6/23/1918.
James L. Forbes Pvt. D. 6/19/1918.
James L. Pilkerton Pvt. D. 6/21/1918.
Lawrence Bourgeois Pvt. D. 6/28/1918.
John J. Dublinsky Pvt. M. 7/1/1918.
Walter Lafe Cook K. 7/1/1918.
John Koen Pvt. K. 7/2/1918.
Mason Potts Cpl. K 7/2/1918.
Charles Wilson Pvt. K. 7/4/1918.
Everette Hubbard Pvt. G. 7/15/1918.
Stanley Anderson Pvt. A. 7/15/1918.
John Ancomano Pvt. A. 7/19/1918.
Calvin Carbaugh Pvt. I. 7/15/1918.
Micheal Clanders Sgt. A. 7/15/1918.
A. Durft Pvt. I. 7/15/1918.
Aher Yaffee Bugler I. 7/15/1918.
Lawrence Grunertz Pfc I. 7/15/1918.
Harry Gavelick Pvt. A. 7/15/1918.
Roy Johnson Pvt. I. 7/15/1918.
Verdie McReynolds Pvt. F. 7/15/1918.
James A. Mathivson Pvt. A. 7/15/1918.
Noviel Moore Pvt. I. 7/15/1918.
William Munsey Cpl. I. 7/16/1918.
Edward Pennington Bugler A. 7/15/1918.
John Russo Cpl. I. 7/15/1918.
Brady Smith Pvt. I. 7/15/1918.
Reginald Smith Pvt. I. 7/15/1918.
Frank Wilkinson Pvt. I. 7/15/1918.
Arnold Borgman Pvt. K. 7/16/1918.
Owen Dunn Pvt. K. 7/15/1918.
Anas Jackson Pvt. M. 7/15/1918.
Bonner Miller Pvt. M. 7/15/1918.
Joe Minthrust Pfc M. 7/15/1918.
Chanceford Stambaugh Pvt. K. 7/15/1918.
Steffan Stavrakis Pvt. K. 7/15/1918.
Isidore Weinstein Pvt. M. 7/15/1918.
Georg T. Worms Pvt. H. 7/15/1918.
Harold Fennewill Pfc C. 7/15/1918.
Vern Hyre Pvt. I. 7/16/1918.
Benjamin Blankenship 2nd Lt. L. 7/17/1918.
James B. Nalle Major 2nd Bn. 7/23/1918.
Albert H. Bell Jr. 2nd Lt. B. 7/23/1918. ***
Terry S. Tarr 2nd Lt. B. 7/23/1918.
James B. McConnell 2nd Lt. B. 7/23/1918. ***
James W. Keith Pvt. L. 7/17/1918.
Solomon Krupnik Pvt. L. 7/17/1918.
Radovan Radevick Pvt. A. 7/19/1918. ***
Louis F. Cabisino Pvt. C. 7/19/1918. ***
Morris Wesehauer Pvt. L. 7/24/1918.
Raymond Young Sgt. L. 7/24/1918.
Walter Arbueie Pvt. K. 7/25/1918.
Grover Becker Cpl. I. 7/25/1918.
Jesse Carpenter Cpl. C. 7/25/1918.
Jas. Cascia Cpl. A. 7/25/1918.
Paul Daron Cpl. G. 7/25/1918.
Earl Davidson Pvt. E. 7/25/1918.
Marvin Herner Pvt. I. 7/25/1918.
James M. Jones Pvt. F. 7/25/1918.
Harry Kneer Pvt. F. 7/25/1918.
Fred McKenny Pvt. C. 7/25/1918.
Carl Norgenson Pvt. F. 7/25/1918.
Earl Norman Pvt. F. 7/25/1918.
Thomas O'Boyle Sgt. F. 7/25/1918.
Claude Pahlman Pvt. I. 7/25/1918.
Thomas Seale Pvt. F. 7/25/1918.
Walter Van Dine Pvt. G. 7/25/1918.
Harry Aberman Pvt. I. 7/26/1918.
Leo G. Allen Pvt. F. 7/26/1918.
Andrew Dunleavy Pvt. F. 7/26/1918.
Jacob Hablitzel jr. Pvt. D. 7/27/1918.
Harvey M. Lidwell Sgt. A. 7/26/1918. ***
Robert H. Lotz Pvt. F. 7/26/1918.
Noah O. Boivian Pvt. G. 7/26/1918.
Alben M. Oliver Pvt. A. 7/26/1918.
Lewis Robertson Pvt. G. 7/26/1918.
Lorin Asphaugh Pvt. D. 7/27/1918.
William Bramel Pvt. D. 7/27/1918.
Carl J. Holtgewe Pvt. F. 7/27/1918.
Charles S. Wyke Sgt. F. 7/27/1918.
Jesse Frank Sgt. G. 7/23/1918.
Johnson Lee Cpl. C. 7/23/1918.
Luola Antonas Pvt. D. 7/23/1918.
John Rassmussen Pvt. B. 7/23/1918.
John Rilligose Pvt. B. 7/23/1918.
Alexander Sosnowski Pvt. I. 7/23/1918.
Ericke Stanarage Pfc B. 7/23/1918.
Emil Vitek Pvt. C. 7/23/1918.
W. Wilkins Pvt. B. 7/23/1918.
Henry Wood Pvt. G. 7/23/1918.
John J. Dublinski Pvt. M. 7/17/1918.
John D. McClary Pvt. K. 7/17/1918.
James E. Skelton Pvt. L. 7/19/1918.
Joseph Betz Pvt. F. 7/21/1918.
Bertram Turner Cpl. H. 7/22/1918.
Reuben Bick Pvt. F. 7/23/1918.
Ralph Gullen Pvt. F. 7/23/1918.
Stephan Prebezewski Pvt. Med. Det. 7/22/1918.
George Breaker 1st Lt. I. 7/24/1918.
Joseph Welch 2nd Lt. F. 7/24/1918.
Edwin Elliot 1st Lt. I. 7/24/1918.
Jeff Davis Pvt. K. 7/24/1918.
James Finley Pvt. K. 7/24/1918.
Henry Finn Pvt. Med. Det. 7/24/1918. ***
John A. Gombar Pvt. K. 7/24/1918.
Ralph O. Greer Cpl. K. 7/24/1918.
Rollin Herschberger Cpl. K. 7/24/1918.
John Kellar Cpl. K. 7/24/1918.
Claude Moreland Cpl. I. 7/24/1918.
Russel Moore Pvt. M. 7/24/1918.
Franklin H. Perry Pvt. K. 7/24/1918.
Mark Scarry Pvt. K. 7/24/1918.
Wlliam Reape Pvt. L. 7/19/1918.
John Kirkpatrick Pvt. I. 7/20/1918.
Hans Dittmar Pvt. F. 7/21/1918.
Robert S. Keller Pvt. F. 7/21/1918.
Raymond Ross Pvt. F. 7/21/1918.
Emil Schipman Pvt. F. 7/21/1918.
Joseph Sharlek Pvt. F. 7/21/1918.
Louis A. Gemuent Cpl. F. 7/22/1918.
Joseph Jurasinski Pvt. B. 7/22/1918.
Jinke Merlin Pvt. F. 7/22/1918.
John O. Nelson Pvt. B. 7/22/1918.
Herbert Slater Pvt. F. 7/22/1918.
John W. Trent Pvt. I. 7/22/1918.
Warren West Pvt. C. 7/22/1918.
Harold H. Willington Pvt. H. 7/22/1918.
Emil Robert Pvt. D. 7/22/1918.
Ralph Alexander Cpl. B. 7/23/1918.
Howard Beckner Pvt. G. 7/23/1918.
John Bendy Pvt. B. 7/23/1918.
John Gluck Pfc A. 7/22/1918.
Lester C. Cook Pfc G. 7/23/1918.
Austin Cullen Pfc MG.Co 7/23/1918.
Ernest I. Deck Pvt. B. 7/29/1918.
William M. Durr Pvt. B. 7/23/1918.
Charles Dusold Pvt. B. 7/23/1918.
Victor Ellig Mech. B. 7/23/1918.
Char C. France Cpl. G. 7/23/1918.
Patesy Furey Pvt. B. 7/23/1918.
John Harkow Pvt. B. 7/23/1918.
Howard Heade Pvt. D. 7/23/1918.
James Houska Pvt. B 7/23/1918.
Emil Hutchings Pvt. G. 7/23/1918.
James Nalle Maj. 3rd Bn. 7/23/1918. ***
Aboil Snyder Pvt. A.7/26/1918. ***
Conrad Burk Cpl. A. 7/26/1918. (Posthumously received citation for Bravery)
Joe Leaver Pvt. E. 7/29/1918.
Frank Base Pvt. E. 7/27/1918.
Christos Spyrou Pfc. E. 7/27/1918.
Horace Gossett Pvt. G. 7/28/1918.
Morris Schaffer Sgt. B. 7/28/1918.
George Wait Pvt. A. 7/28/1918. ***
Williard Ball Pvt. H. 7/29/1918.
Joseph Feldman Pvt. G. 7/29/1918.
Charles Johnson Pvt. G. 7/29/1918.
Evertte Johnson Cpl. H. 7/29/1918.
Otto Louis Pvt. E. 7/31/1918.
Lawrence Martin Pvt. G. 7/29/1918.
Willie K. Murray Pvt. B. 5/29/1918.
Geo. Moore Cpl. G. 7/29/1918.
Georgen Reibling Pvt. G. 7/29/1918.
Ellwood Roe Cpl. E. 7/29/1918.
Gilbert Sutherland Pvt. G. 7/29/1918.
Arrick Gray Pvt. G. 7/29/1918.
James Harty Pvt. G. 7/29/1918.
John Lyons Pvt. G. 7/29/1918.
Frank Bukoski Sgt. H. 7/30/1918.
Thomas Hensley Pfc H. 7/30/1918. ***
Daniel Poplin Pvt. H. 7/30/1918. (Posthumously received citation for Bravery)
Elmer Allison Mess Sgt. K. 7/24/1918.
John Keller Pvt. K. 7/24/1918.
Goe. Stewart Cpl. D. 7/24/1918.
Mayo Taggert Pvt. L. 7/25/1918.
Micheal Kuzina Pvt. A. 7/26/1918.
Frank Anderson Pvt. H. 7/27/1918.
Mathias Colling Pvt. F. 7/28/1918.
Phillip Consentine Pvt. G. 7/28/1918.
Thomas Doherty Cook I. 7/28/1918.
Phillip H. Lucas Pvt. A. 7/28/1918.
Aboil E. Snow Pvt. I. 7/27/1918.
Edward Hurt Pvt. F. 7/29/1918.
Louis Otto Pvt. E. 7/29/1918.
Lee Stroup Cpl. C. 7/29/1918.
Frank Laughram Pvt. G. 7/30/1918.
Samuel Solomon Pvt. I. 7/30/1918.
Ray Henderson Pvt. D. 9/24/1918.
Jerry Grocco Pvt. C. 8/1/1918.
Daniel Pietrogiacomini Pvt. F. 8/6/1918.
Leonard Sword Pvt. H. 8/1/1918.
Leonard Snyder Pvt. F. 8/2/1918.
Robert Clark SSgt. K. 8/3/1918.
John Conamal Pvt. Supply 8/4/1918.
Reinhard Poeppelmeier F. 8/4/1918.
Albert Pohlman Pvt. G. 8/4/1918.
James Coyler Pvt. G. 8/2/1918.
Walter Simmons Cpl. G. 8/2/1918.
George Wojciechowski Pvt. 8/9/1918.
Frank Miller Pvt. C. 8/7/1918.
Raymond Miller Pvt. L. 8/15/1918.
Frank Dalamount Pvt. D. 8/21/1918.
Mike Lumbert E. 9/16/1918.
Andrew Wheeler C. 9/16/1918.
Gabriel Ambrosia A. 9/30/1918.
John Buffton K. 9/30/1918.
Perry Epley B 9/30/1918.
Harry Krioinsky G. 9/30/1918.
Isadore Lespo Pfc I. 9/30/1918.
John McDonough Pvt. B 10/8/1918.
Owen Palmer K. 9/30/1918.
Max Schwantz A. 9/30/1918.
Elvin Schwartzbaum HQ. 9/30/1918.
Mike Sutter B. 9/30/1918.
Thomas Tidball Pfc H. 9/30/1918.
William Schramm Pvt. D. 9/30/1918.
William Longe Pvt. G. 9/28/1918.
Leo Murrill Pvt. L. 9/28/1918.
Robert A. Fitzner Pvt. D. 10/1/1918.
Louis Kline Cpl. HQ. 10/1/1918.
Henry Rose Pvt. F. 10/1/1918.
Gabriel Cohn Pvt. H. 10/1/1918.
Lodize Palo Pvt. B. 10/21/1918.
James Burdick Pvt. E. 10/2/1918.
Joseph Mott Pvt. L. 10/1/1918.
Lloyd Smith Pvt. A. 10/1/1918.
Ray Walker Pvt. G. 10/1/1918.
Walter L. Krusenklaus Sgt. F 10/6/1918.
Bernard Blohm Pvt. B. 10/6/1918.
Roy Smyth Maj. 1st. Bn. 10/6/1918. ***
John Baldwin 2nd Lt. M. 10/6/1918.
Hirche Feinberg Med 10/6/1918. ***
Harry Slaymaker 1st Lt. F. 10/6/1918.
O.T. Heintz Pvt. A. 10/8/1918.
Milton J. Norman Pvt. D. 10/8/1918.
John A. Paton 2nd Lt. D. 10/8/1918.
Steve Combs Cpl. E. 10/16/1918. ***

***(Posthumously awarded Distinguished Service Cross)

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as soon as possible.

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The Aisne-Marne Campaign

It waas 15 July 1981 that 23 German Divisions moved to attack the the French Fourth Army east of city of Reims, France. For three days, forces from the United States, Britian, and France held off the enemy at the Marne River. The famous 3rd U.S. Division earned its famous nickname "THe Rock of the Marne" for its' actions over these three days for their defense of the Marne. Their actions stalled and weakened the German forces.

In the planning had been a Coalition Counterattack led by the U.S. forces and the 3rd Infantry Division.

The Army of Occupation - France

 The Fourth Infantry served as part of the Army of Occupation in France, until 1919.


After returning to the United States, the Fourth Infantry was stationed at Camp Pike, Arkansas, and then moved to Camp Lewis, Washington, the site of which was part of the tribal grounds of Chief Leschi, the regiment’s enemy in 1855–56. In June 1922, the regimental headquarters, headquarters and service companies and second battalion of the regiment were sent to Fort George Wright, Washington, while the other two battalions occupied Fort Missoula, Montana and Fort Lawton, Washington. On 19 February 1925 the unit was permitted to wear the red-green-red distinctive unit insignia.