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Historian's Corner

Tell Us Your Story!

Welcome to 4th Infantry Regiment Veterans' Association Historian's Corner.

In the Summer 2013, we requested Regimental membership support to the memory and legacy of the 4th Infantry Regiment. During each reunion our members will be interviewed by our Association Historian about their remembrances in the Regiment. We would like to continue this program, so if you have any photos you wish to share with the Association or answer their questionnaire on your experiences in Regiment, please contact them at: ATTN: Historian or 4th Infantry Regiment Veterans' Association, P.O. Box 3773 Fort Polk, LA 71459.

Any photos you provide will be scanned at the Association and returned to you. Just remember to fully identify what the photo is, who is in it, and when it took place.

Many thanks for your support to this worthwhile program for our Regimental heritage.

We look forward to hearing from you and receiving your photos, stories, and remembrances to share with all of our members.

Any period of time with the Regiment is welcome, whether it was in Alaska, Fort Benning, Germany, Fort Polk, Fort Bragg, Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere else the Regiment or its Battalions have served.

Phil Logan, Regimental Historian