4th Infantry, 4th Infantry Regiment, Warrior Battalion 1/4, INF 2/4 INF, 3/4 INF,

The Organization and Movements of the 4th Regiment of Infantry.

United States Army from May 30, 1796 to December 31, 1870 (1871) according to William H. Powell, Captain Fourth Infantry, U.S.A

"I have compiled this work merely through a regimental pride, without any desire or hope of remuneration for my labor; (subscription to one or more copies of the work) of my brothers-in-arms and kind friends, I have published it, that they may know where  the Regiment has been, and what it has done for the county; and that they may view the records of the officers who have had the honor of belonging to it.  I have labored under many disadvantages in obtaining the necessary information for the publication of the work, but have succeeded much better than I had anticipated, although the earlier part of the history is somewhat incomplete.

To Brigadier General Lorenzo Thomas, (formerly an officer of the Regiment,) late Adjutant General United States Army, I am indebted for many facts connected with the movements of the Regiment from 1815 to 1860, which facts have been compiled from the muster-rolls of the Regiment, and from personal recollection.  From 1861 to 1871, all facts enumerated in the work are from notes taken by myself while serving with the Regiment, or while on the staff of the Brigade or Division in which the Regiment was serving.  W. H. Powell.  "

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