4th Infantry, 4th Infantry Regiment, Warrior Battalion 1/4, INF 2/4 INF, 3/4 INF,

Mission Statement

  1. To establish a permanent organization that will further develop the common bond existing between all who served with 4th Infantry Regiment.
  2. To maintain records and publish the history and achievements of the 4th Infantry Regiment.
  3. To be of assistance and service in matters pertaining to Veterans of 4th Infantry Regiment.
  4. To perpetuate the memory of our deceased Veterans of the 4th Infantry Regiment.
  5. To Maintain close liaison with the active duty members of the 4th Infantry Regiment currently serving in the defense of our Nation.
  6. To recognize outstanding achievements with appropriate presentations.
  7. To carry out these aims and purposes, The Association shall publish a Newsletter, "The Warrior."

4th Infantry Regiment Veterans' Association Facts

Number of active members: 5

Number of Regiment Reunions: June 4-6, 2014

We have designed and dedicated the 4th Infantry Regiment Memorial at the Infantry Museum in Ft Benning: (TBD)

  • We have built an interactive web-site for our members and others to obtain information about us. (2013)
  • We have initiated a Holiday Help program for our Regiment's younger soldiers. (TBD)
  • About the 4th Infantry Regiment Veterans' Association

    The Association was formed as a result of a conversation between several Active Soldiers and Veterans of 2nd Battalion 4th Infantry Regiment. A series of follow on conversations soon established clear-cut goals and a Mission Statement. These Soldiers and Veterans were CSM Michaud, 1SG Houston, Robert Wray, Doug Depew, Phil Logan, and Richard Wideman.

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