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The 4th Infantry Regiment Veterans' Association is dedicated to the preservation and traditions of the 4th Regiment of Infantry which was first organized in 1796. Today it is known as the 4th Infantry Regiment and has two battalions on Active Duty, 1st Battalion stationed in Hohenfels, Germany and the 2nd Battalion stationed at Fort Polk, LA.

The 4th Infantry Regiment Veterans' Association is a 501(c)(19) tax exempt organization incorporated under the laws of Loiusiana as a non-profit veterans organization. The Association provides members a means to carry on the "Warrior" spirit and comradeship that has been prevelant in the Regiment from the Battle of Tippecanoe to the Wanat Valley in Afghanistan. The Association is established as a non-profit military service organization with a comprehensive Constitution and By-laws. The objectives are to promote morale and high espirit-de-corps among the members of the Regiment and provide opportunities for past and present members of the Regiment to form a close and lasting relationship. We support these objectives by hosting numerous programs with the veterans of the Regiment and the active duty Battalions.


Our semi-annual newsletter, "The Warrior," is published as a media tool to keep the veterans of the Regiment informed of current events within the Battalions and to keep members of the Association informed of upcoming events. There are also historical articles that focus on key events in our Regiments' history. We also highlight any significant event that is upcoming for all Warriors, past and present, to attend. In times like these we like to keep each other informed if one of our fellow Warriors is in need of help, is sick, or has passed on, in which we will publish this information as well. We use Facebook to stay in touch starting with our Association page and each Battalion has their Active Duty Battalion page. There are several other Veterans' pages we are linked to that are host to different eras of service.


Each year the Association hosts a Warrior Rendevous at historically significant locations (or close by) to our Regiment. We have visited Dade Battlefield Historical State Park in Bushnell, Florida and plan to be in Palo Alto Battlefield National Park, in Brownsville, TX and will visit future sites of the Civil War and the Indian Wars. Our Reunions are every 3 years and hosted by the Association at different locations around the nation. Our first was in 2014 at New Llano/Leesville, LA near Fort Polk, Home of the 2nd Battalion 4th Infantry Regiment since 2005. We have food, games and a chance to renew old friendships and start new ones. The Association also holds a business meeting at the event. A the event is highlighted with inductions of our Distinguished Members of the Regiment ceremony and special awards ceremony.


The Association supports the Distinguished Member of the Regiment Program. Established to recognize individuals that have served in the Regiment with distinction and has risen above to perpetuate the history and traditions of the Regiment. The NCO of the Year and Soldier of the Year is also a program that is sponsored by the Association for each Battalion. Each is named for a Medal of Honor recipient of the Regiment. As well as the Commanders Cup, named for the original Commander of the Regiment and presented for outstanding support in the perpetuation of the Regiment's history and traditions.


The Association supports several programs to help perpetuate the history of the Regiment. A representative provides historical briefings to the unit, prior commanders/command sergeant majors/key personnel attend special occasions, monument/memorial program and unit heritage item inventory/upkeep. The Association is currently planning the emplacement of a 4th U.S. Infantry Regiment Monument at the National Infantry Museum and is preparing for fundraising and design. Planned emplacement is 2020.


The Association is a non-profit Veterans' organization formed under the laws and regulations of LA and the IRS, as a 501(c)19 organization. The Association is self-sustaining with no financial assistance other than membership and donations. Annual and Lifetime Memberships are the primary means of financing operations of the Association. None of the elected officers nor Directors recieve any compensation for their volunteer work.

The Warriors of the 4th Infantry Regiment are focused, fit, and ready to fight.



4th Infantry Regiment

Upon being released from the captivity by the British at the port of Boston in 1813, the 4th Infantry Regiment was furloughed by their prior commander now General Boyd. Early in 1813 the  regiment reassembled and recruited to strength. It fought at the second Battle of Lacolle Mills , Canada and at Plattsburgh in 1814. However at the end of the War of 1812, with the reduction in forces, the Regiment was consolidated with several other Regiments to form the 5th Infantry Regiment.

The year was 1815 and the Warriors of the 4th Infantry Regiment again mustered together as part of the United States Army from several other Regiments to form the new 4th Infantry Regiment. Soldiers and Officers from the 18th Infantry Regiment and 20th Infantry Regiments and the 36th Infantry Regiment and 38th Infantry Regiments were consolidated as well as new recruits to form this new unit.

Requesting Donations for the 4th Infantry Regiment Memorial (2015-2020)

To all my fellow Warriors and members,

As many of you are aware we are raising money for the 4th Infantry Regiment Memorial that will be emplaced at Fort Benning, Georgia at the National Infantry Museum on the Walk of Honor.

We have received designs from each Battalion and the Memorial Committee has agreed on a design and we are working towards a final draft and estimates from vendors. It is estimated the costs will be $24,000.00. This requires us to raise $4,000.00 per year. We currently have $500.00 in the memorial fund (06/2015).

This Regiment has continuously served the United States since 1808 when it was reorganized for service during the Indian Wars. The Officers and Enlisted Soldiers of this Regiment have participated in many uniques missions over it's history, from the War of 1812 to the Global War on Terroism. We have had 4 Medal of Honor recipients and many others that have distinguished themselves while serving in the Regiment. We have had many distinguished members of the Regiment from President Ulysses S. Grant to Chief of Staff of the Army General Peter J. Schoomaker.

The Regiment is currently represented in Hohenfels, Germany at the Joint Military Readiness Center (JMRC)  as the OPFOR as 1st Battalion since the year 2000. With the 10th Division (Mountain) the Warriors of the 2nd Battalion have been part of the only Brigade located at Ft Polk, 3rd BDE 10th MTN.

When we first started this Association, I asked that we all consider continuing to serve your country through the service of the Regiment. Many have answered this call and as you can see we are in need of you financial support to make this dream a reality. To be represented at the National Infantry Museum through a monument to those that have gone before us and for those that will serve in the future.

Please join me in donating to this cause by sending a check or money order to: 4th Infantry Regiment Veterans' Association, P.O. Box 3773, Fort Polk, LA 71459.

1st Battalion 4th Infantry Regiment


Change of Command (July 2015)

The outgoing commander (left) LTC Barry R. Carlson and the incoming commander (right) LTC Matthew T. Archambault.

The Color Guard at the Battalion Change of Command.



2nd Battalion 4th Infantry Regiment

Assumption of Command Ceremony July 2015

LTC Christopher Fahrenbach trrops the line with Major Howry of the Warriors at Fort Polk.

Major Howry and the Color Guard at the Battalion Assumption of Command.

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Recommended Commanders' Reading List

After many hours of research and help from friends and fellow Warriors, I have accumulated a list of books I would like to recommend anyone that is interested in learning about the history of the Regiment. Here are a few and I will continue to update the list: (Click the photo for a link to the book.)


 "A history of the organization and movements of the 4th regiment of Infantry: U.S.A., 1796-1870" by William H. Powell

 "A journal of two campaigns of the Fourth Regiment of U. S. Infantry: in the Michigan and Indiana territories, under the command of Col. John P. Boyd, ... Col. James Miller, during the years 1811 & 12" by Adam Walker

 "Scarlet Fields: The Combat Memoir of a World War I Medal of Honor Hero" (Modern War Studies) by John Lewis Barkley

"Amidst a Storm of Bullets: The Diary of Lt. Henry Prince in Florida, 1836-1842" (Contribution (Seminole Wars Historic Foundation), No. 1.) by Henry Prince and Frank Laumer

"The origin, progress, and conclusion of the Florida War" (Seminole Wars Historic Foundation contribution) by John T. Sprague

"Dade's Last Command" by Frank Laumer

 "Massacre: An Account of the Massacre of Major Francis L. Dade and His Men by the Seminole Indians in Florida, December 28, 1835" by Frank Laumer

"The Complete Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant" by Ulysses S. Grant

 "The Life of Major General Zachary Taylor" (Military History) by Henry Montgomery

 "The battle of Tippecanoe: Historical sketches of the famous field upon which General William Henry Harrison won renown that aided him in reaching the ... and election of General Benjamin Harrison" by Reed Beard

 "Andrew Jackson and His Indian Wars" by Bobert V. Remini

"Indian Wars of the Rogue River" by Francis Fuller Victor

"Two Armies on the Rio Grande: The First Campaign of the US-Mexican War" (Williams-Ford Texas A&M University Military History Series) by Douglas Murphy

"The U.S.-Mexican War: A Complete Chronology" by Bud Hannings

"Forts of the American Frontier 1776-1891: California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska" (Fortress) by Ron Field

"Forts of the War of 1812" (Fortress) by Rene Chartrand

"Yorktown's Civil War Siege: Drums along the Warwick" (Civil War Sesquicentennial) by John V. Quarstein

"Battle at Bull Run: A History of the First Major Campaign of the Civil War" by William C. Davis

  "The U.S. Army War College Guide to the Battle of Antietam: The Maryland Campaign of 1862" by Jay Luvaas

"The U.S. Army War College Guide to the Battles of Chancellorsville & Fredericksburg" by Harold W. Nelson

"Gettysburg" by Stephen W. Sears

Remembering WWI: 2014-2018 World War One Centennial

With remembrances beginning in 2014 and continuing throughout 2018, the Regiment will highlight key events in our history from World War I. Join us on this journey as we reach our final event at the World War I Museum in October 2017 in Kansas City, MO.


Annual membership fees are due on 1 July each year.

Annual Membership is $24.00 USD

Unit Patches

These are the patches of the Divisions/Brigades the Regiment has served under (either the entire Regiment or a Battalion) since WWI:

3rd Infantry Division (all of the Regiment during WWI, then 1st and 2nd Battalions during the Cold War)

Alaska Defense Command (all of the Regiment)

25th Infantry Division (all of the Regiment)

Schools and Replacement Command (all of the Regiment)

71st Infantry Division - Reserves (all of the Regiment)

102nd Infantry Division - Reserves (2nd and 3rd Battalion only)

56th FA CMD (2nd Battalion only)

7th Army (1st Battalion only)

10th Division - Mountain (2nd Battalion only)

170th Infantry Brigade (3rd Battalion only)

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Subscription to the Fourth News Letter

The 4th Infantry Regiment Veterans Association is organizing a fund raising effort to provide a permanent memorial for the Fourth Infantry Fallen Soldiers. This task of raising the necessary funds to properly and permanently give our brothers a place of honor and a place for those they left behind to visit and reflect. Take the Challenge 2020 4th Infantry Regiment Memorial Fund - $4.00, $40.00, $400.00 2017 Reunion "Valor: A Warrior's Walk" - $4.00, $40.00, $400.00


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